Twelfth Night - Wild Hunt Procession

Date: 7th January 2017
Time: TBC
Place: TBC, Norwich
Price: £5, Free for PF Members

Please Note: Those attending this event and the procession do so at their own risk and are responsible for themselves.

Join us on Twelfth Night for the procession of the Wild Hunt and a public open ritual to celebrate the coming in of the new year and 'the Ninth Festival'. We will process through part of Norwich and into the depths of Mousehold Heath. There we will have a public and open ritual in which it a victim being chosen to assume the role of the Solar God. They will pass through the signs of the stars, being armed and given gifts as they reach the coming of age and become an adult. As they are restored in strength, they will battle against the avatar of the Wild Hunt and chaos, bringing back in the light. The procession will be led by a skeletal horse called the Ickeny or as it has jokingly been called the Norfolk the ‘rse.

Event Rules

There will be marshals on the day in high vis to ensure that everyone has a safe and good time at the event. Within the event they are also playing the role of the hermits, who will guide the procession to the place of ritual. They may ask anyone to leave at any point for any reason if they believe there to be a problem, so as to make sure that the event is not ruined for anyone.

We will be on public property, with all the standard laws applying. When on the heath we will also have to abide by its bylaws, which are printed on site. Some key things to remind people of on the night:
  • Above all respect the land and the place which we are on. The place should be left as we found it.
  • Do not obstruct or halt traffic at any-time. When crossing the roads (marked in red), do so as you would normally in a responsibly manner.
  • No dropping litter at either the starting location, on route or at the open ritual. We have made sure that there are bins at the start and end locations for if you should have any.
  • Under no circumstances bring any naked flames, torches or anything else that could possibly set fire to the heath.
  • If you are new to public open rituals then please familiarise yourself with our general ritual etiquette guidelines.


We will be gathering at the mousehold heath car park on Britannia Road. There should be plenty of parking, but we do ask people to walk or car share where possible. The marshals (hermits) will be around to help anyone at this point.

From here there will be a small procession made up of the attendees, the Ickeni and various officers leading down Gurney Road, past Zaks and stopping at the next car park along. We will cross the road and enter the heath to the ritual spot. Those taking part of the procession do so at their own risk and are expected to behave sensibly on route, especially when crossing any roads.

When we reach the end point we will start the public open ritual to celebrate twelfth night. Those wishing to attend the ritual, but not take part in the procession can join us and park within the car park at the end point should they wish to do do.

What to Wear

We encourage everyone to come along and join the band of drummers, musicians, guizers, dancer, warriors and entertainers. As well as riders of the night, skin changers, broom riders, circle dancers, banner holders, horn blowers and horn drinkers. Come as the disguised, the mask wearing, the weird and the wild in the chilled winter night to celebrate and embrace the clearing away of the old. Dressing up very much encouraged and the more who dress up, the more spectacular it will be! Use your imaginations and come as whatever you like. You can however, come in plain clothes as well and there is no pressure to do otherwise. Do also remember that the event takes place at night in January, so it is likely to be cold.

The Ickeny

Within Norfolk, the word Ickeny means 'difficult horse'. Within the event, the Ickeny will be at the front of the precession, being the avatar of the Great Wild Hunt. It will take form as a skeletal hobby horse, also know as an 'oss in Cornish customs, such as Montol. But as we have a different kind of accent in Norfolk, ours is known jokingly as the Norfolk 'rse. During the ritual the Ickeny will decide upon a victim to challenge and represent the solar god.

The Ninth Festival

You can read more about the Twelfth Night and the ninth festival in the following article by Val Thomas.

The Ride of the Wild Hunt

by Val Thomas

The wild and rough weather at this time of year is often seen as the ride of the Wild Hunt, which has much folklore attached to it, some of it contradictory. The Hunt is usually led by a hero or deity – Odin, Charles the Great (Charlemagne), Arthur – and is sometimes seen as chasing away malign forces, but sometimes as being a malign force in itself, perhaps because even in its more positive aspect it is pretty terrifying. Magically, working with the Wild Hunt offers forceful insights and great potential for change on many levels, but is not for the faint-hearted.

The Lords of the Elements

The lords and ladies of the elements will have an important role within the processions and the ending ritual. Though the direction in which they are called may be unfamiliar to some. This is as we will be invoking the elements based on their celestial or stellar directions. You can find out more about this and the zodiac here.

Lord of Fire and Flame

The Ram, the Lion and the Archer
The Pitchfork

"He who leads the way with the burning torch of desire and the divine spark within. The passion and the courage of the falling star, which brings freedom and strength to All. He is the soaring and ascended spirit of the Will of the people and the wielder of the fiery pitchfork. May the fire flame, may the lion roar!"

Lady of Fur and Fang

The Goat, the Bull and the Virgin
The Sheers

"She is the wild animal within and the coiled serpent arising. The untamed, unchallenged and the fearsome huntress, who can be found in those most hidden and Secret places. Her tongue speaks as one with the animals as it did in times of old. Her skin shifts, her eyes change and her horns glisten!" 

The Beater

The Scales, the Water-bearer, the Twins
The Sieve

"Hear the heartbeat echo across the land! The beater marches on, letting all Know of Wild Hunt's presence. She brings the balance between the dark and the light and the knowledge of the generations. She is the chilled winter breeze that sweeps through the night air and the barbarous words of the evoking Magus. May the vibrations of the drums mold and shape, stir and inspire!"

Emissary of the Stars

The Crab, the Scorpion and the Fish
The Sickle

"The voice that calls out from the darkness, who leads the river of stars through the night. She is the giver of life and of wisdom, which springs forth from the holy wells of the gods. She wields the crescent moon sickle, which is both the beginning and ending, eternal. But beware the string in her tail should you Dare to challenge her, for she ebbs and flows as the tide and the moon."

PF Members

Do remember that his event is free for PF members. To attend for free please remember to bring your PF card with you or your membership number and some proof of ID. If you do not know what your number is then please contact the PF Regional Coordinator for Norfolk.