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Regional Numbers

The following is a breakdown by area of people professing a faith that falls under the Pagan umbrella in the 2011 census. Based upon trends in previous census results, is shows that the Pagan religion has continued to grow and therefore it is thought the number of Pagans has increased since 2011. It is also believed to be the case that many people do not put Pagan down as their religion on the census for personal reasons and so these numbers are expected to be higher still.

The largest concentration of Pagans within Norfolk is in Norwich, with 363 putting themselves down as a Pagan religion. It total there are 1,699 Pagans in Norfolk based upon this census. It is the aim of the Pagan Federation within Norfolk to try and support this community in whatever way we can.

 AreaNumber of Pagans
Breckland 284
Broadland  186
Great Yarmouth 143
King’s Lynn and West Norfolk 299
North Norfolk 220
Norwich 363
South Norfolk 204
Total 1,699