Become a member today to join the vibrant Pagan community in Norfolk.

If you are a Pagan, aged 16 or over, and support the Aims and Objectives of the Pagan Federation, you may apply to become a Full Member of the PF. All members receive the PF magazine, Pagan Dawn. Other benefits of membership include a Members' News supplement to the magazine, access to the contacts network and the Members-only Internet discussion group (ask your DM for details), discounts on PF products and conferences, and invitations to members-only events. Members can also become involved in the administrative and campaigning work of the PF, if they wish to do so. After one year, members are eligible to vote in elections for the PF committee or can choose to stand for election themselves. People new to Paganism who are sincere seekers are welcome, as are experienced Pagans. Note: The Pagan Federation reserves the right to refuse membership without giving a reason but will not contravene equal opportunity or anti discrimination legislation.

Norfolk Regional Benefits

Being a PF member within Norfolk grants you the following regional benefits for events:
  • Access to PF only events. 
  • Free admission to some PF events. 
  • Discounts on other PF events. 
​All you need to do is show your Pagan Federation membership card on the day or your membership number and some proof of ID. If you do not know what your number is then please contact the PF Regional Coordinator for Norfolk. As the PF is entirely based upon volunteers it can take up to a month for your membership details to go through our system. If you have joined recently but not heard from us, then there is no need to panic. Just print out your confirmation email and bring it along to the event with some form of ID.

If you are outside of the Gd region, which covers Norfolk and a small part of north Suffolk and do not have your card, then you will need to ask your District Manager to contact the PF Regional Coordinator for Norfolk prior to the event and let us know you are coming.

Changing Details / Urgent Enquiries

To amend your membership details (change of name, address etc) or for urgent enquiries, please contact the membership manager using the online membership form.